Thursday, 16 September 2010

Two ladies about town

How much does it cost to get you drunk? Well, my magic number is 50 quid. As proven last evening, 7 cocktails, 2 different bars ( Mcqueen - good music, good looking people, average cocktails and Zigfrid - good music, good looking people and delicious cocktails) got me totally wasted, much more than anyone should on a school night, but one must obey the wishes of the heart and mine really, really wanted me to get drunk last night. But what's more important is the fact that last night i had the worlwide premiere of my Isabel Marant dress. Yes,dear readers, you heard me right, i own a Isabel Marant and no, i didn't buy from some dodgy replica maker website. Before your heart stops, frozen by jealousy, you must know that  my dress comes from Marant's Etoile line, which is a "sister" or  diffusion brand as they call it. Now, sister brands are great, you obviously don't get the same high quality materials as the main brand, but you get the design, the shape of a proper designer collection at much smaller prices, it's becoming a more and more used concept, Vivienne Westwood ( Anglomania )does it and so does Valentino( Red Valentino), Moschino( Cheap and Chic), Alexander McQueen ( MCQ) and others, Selfridges stocks most of them so it's worth checking it out. Anyway, back to my Isabel Marant dress. Fisrt of all, it's fabulous, and just the thought that, at some point Isabel has touched it with her own hands...ok, maybe I'm exaggerating, I'm sure she hasn't , but everything about it it's so her and, one day, it may be in 20 years, when she's known as the Gabrielle Chanel of our times ( and she should) i will still have it, it will be vintage and hopefully I'll still be able to fit in it ( i wouldn't put my money on that one though). I know I'm getting a bit obsessive over Isabel Marant, but she is my very favourite designer for 2011, never before have i desired anything like i desire her biker leather trousers, there's a woman who knows what women want...
Hey! Don't think i forgot about the Victoria Beckham dresses, i just thought i would tell you about me and Isabel, two women, French and Brazilian about town, having fun, and looking fabulous.

The Biker Trousers - Isabel Marant

My Marant dress - Perfect!

Monday, 13 September 2010

As i often say, the only good thing that happened in the 80's was me. Ok, maybe me and Robert Pattinson, but that's about it. I was never able to understand the British obsession with the 80's. Topshop changes their collections every 15 minutes, but there's ALWAYS an 80's section on their Oxford Street store. Well, as it happens, I was invited to a party this weekend. " Did you want to go to a party tonight?", my friend Mark says. Hmm...maybe...what kind of party? "It's an 80's party", - " No, i don't, thanks though" Why not? " i don't do 80's darling"- except that i did, after having him swear i wouldn't have to dress up. Well, it turns out the theme actually was " Movies from the 80's".Not sure what Scooby -Doo was doing there, but who am i to judge? It turns out that this whole thing got me thinking...maybe the 80's weren't that bad. Madonna's was her best self in the 80's, Flashdance and Dirty Dancing came out in the 80's and for some reason it seems like people did have an awful lot of fun back then. Maybe it's just because i was a child and couldn't fully enjoy that decade, maybe I'm just jealous. Anyway, i just wanted to say, i will try to be more understanding, i will even do some research and try to find some key pieces in the high street for you guys. Don't expect me to wear them though...
Changing the subject slightly, i have been looking for a jumpsuit for a very long time. Fell in love with several last season, including a beautifully cut McQueen, however, i did not have 450 pounds casually sitting in my wallet, so that was a big no no. But, once more, Philip Green comes to my rescue, Topshop has it and i want it!!!!! 55 pounds of pure joy, that's certainly the next item to come and live in the world of Narnia i have in my wardrobe.
Now, Victoria Beckham has unveiled her latest collection. I must admit i was a bit prejudiced against Posh, when i heard she was to become a designer i thought, who does she think she is? If she was here now, i would kiss her feet and beg for forgiveness. Not in a very long time have i seen clothes that look so beautiful in a woman's body. Ok, maybe you have to weigh 10 kilos to be able to look good in these clothes, but if you do, you will look damn good!Unfortunately, another downside of Victoria's collection is the price, it's torture, it's like knowing where to buy the best ice cream in the world, but it costs a thousand pounds per scoop...have no idea where this comparison came from and obviously stuffing my face with ice cream is not the way to go if i ever want to wear a Victoria Beckham, but that's how frustrated i feel. This is why I'm here though isn't it? I will try and find for you the high street version of Posh's dresses...or maybe I'm just trying to find them for myself, either way, some research is needed, I'll be back soon....

80's - Maybe it's not that bad...

Jumpsuit - Topshop

Victoria Beckham - Me like it!

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Corset from Topshop

Necklace by Falconiere at Net a Porter

1500's going 2010

So ,the most perfect cape my money could afford ( or should i say my credit card limit could accommodate )belongs to moi. It now sits in my wardrobe but i am seriously considering having it wrapped in plastic so i can sleep with it by my side.I leave Selfridges with one of those big yellow bags and I'm not even embarrassed by how ugly the bag is. It contains  beauty, and beauty is a first necessity item.

Now, last night i went to Nomad to celebrate my lovely friend Maria birthday. Nomad is a recently opened club in Old Street and it has a very Sex and The City feel to it - me like it!I specially love the corner window overlooking Old Street. Now, that this is a place where you will find fabulous people shouldn't come as a surprise to you, but also all the most amazing haircuts in London were on show at Nomad yesterday. Asymmetric and fringes are the words for the season.So, if you are looking for great music and an inspiration for your next trip to the hairdressers, this is the place to be. What were people wearing last night? Jumpsuits are still pretty much in and are one of this pieces you can easily take from day to night by adding a pair of heels and an accessory. I usually see an awful lot of black clothes when i go out, but the trick is , add an over sized necklace or a statement pair of shoes and you will be fine.
My choice of outfit for the evening was my own interpretation of Jean Paul Gautier costumes for Madonna's Blond Ambition Tour. A Corset. Yes, as my  fellow stylish women of the 1500's did, i too resorted to the good and old corset. In my case paired with my 5 inches Louboutin heels and harem trousers. Now a corset it's what you would call a miracle worker,it makes your waist look tiny( no need to mention that it does that by crushing your hips and causing excruciating pain) , makes you look taller by keeping your posture erect and makes your boobs look fabulous, what else can a woman want out of a 40 quid piece of clothing? Mine was from Topshop who has a great selection of them this season.
Now, before i go, my tip of the day. If you're a bit bored with the selection of shoes available at the moment ( as i am) take a look at Surface to Air's website. They have some of the most amazing shoes I've seen around lately and the clothes are fabulous. Now, it makes my heart sing  that this is a Brazilian brand ( and so am i). As they only have shops in Paris and Sao Paulo at the moment you can only buy online.Or take a weekend break to Paris and come back home with a suitcase full of foot candy.
Well,give me a couple of days to come up with a few more tips and spend some more money in clothes and we will talk again.

Shoes by Surface to Air

Friday, 3 September 2010

My perfect cape - from Reiss

Walking around

Walking around London today i decided to start this blog.
Well, if you are from London or live in London you probably understand why anyone in this city can easily become obsessed with fashion.
If you don't live here, let me explain.
Walking around London is like watching a playback of the last 30 years of London/Paris/New York fashion shows. You will see so much diversity in the way people dress that one, if easily distracted, might lose track of the year we're actually in.
The 80's seem to ALWAYS be in vogue in London ( this avid blogger does not do 80's though...never!), you will see the " i didn't brush my hair this morning" style, the "I am related to the Queen style" , the " if only i could buy that Isabel Marant leather trousersi would be so happy" style(ME!)...anyway, there are millions of people walking arround London right this moment, and they all have a different style ( or lack of).
London is also one of the best cities in the world for shopping and I had 2 very different shopping experiences today. First, i went to Selfridges, where sometimes i allow my mind to wander and imagine a perfect world where i own 5 different thench coats from Burberry , those amazing military trousers from Balenciaga, the A/W 10 Alexander McQueen boots ( in all colours!)...(if only i had joined as instructed by my friends).My trip to Selfridges today had no particular aim, maybe check the new shoe hall, buy some chocolate and run.But, obviously , it didnt go like that...
You might have notice in the pages of all fashion magazines that the must have item for this winter is a CAPE. I'm definitely not the type of fashionista who will go for something just because Ana Wintour told me to, but a cape, i must say, it's something i've been desiring for a very long time. As any experienced shopper would do, i've been researching for my purchase. My first choice was the Giambattista Valli in beige  and Aquascutum in Black, however, because i don't own a flat and therefore can't sell it in order to raise funds for these 2 essential items i had to resign to the choice of finding a high street alternative. Few weeks ago, i finally found my match in a Topshop camel cape. Because i was broke at the time after spending my whole summer shopping and drinking and shopping to go drinking and drinking to go shopping...i didn't buy the Topshop cape at a more than reasonable price, went to Selfridges today and found a cape that was so perfect i could marry it, and i will tell you all about it...tomorrow.Night Night